Saturday, March 8, 2014


Wishing there was a "warning" label on the opposite sex is a true waste of time for the initiated.  I'm here where it's all business, or should i say i as usual.  Ever since the tender age of ten I have been very fascinated with the opposite sex.  Not a declaration, but simple fact.  I have been infatuated with the look of them, the smell of them, the way they look and sway, and i have yearned deeply for the attention I had hoped to gain from them.  Apparently I was looking too hard.  What I received in return was nothing like the fairy tale dreams that you see on the screen, or love novel.  I have learned what it's like to be on the losing side of the truth several times.  I am a better man than I give myself credit for.  I have some real positive things going for me.  SERIOUSLY!  Tell myself that sometimes.  I need to make it a mantra to myself and never forget it.  I don't believe in people that run to the arms of another to deal with their feelings. That's what I have gotten for the most part.  An old boyfriend, baby dad, old crush.....whatever.  It is the flavor these days.  The "jump off" life is what it should be called.  Where is the person that holds one person special without having this back up lover in the wait????  It makes me wonder where real character is, or what truth a woman really has to say to me.  Really feeling not worth the reality of real love right now.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'm back

I started this blog a year ago... and haven't touched it since.

So, here I am trying it out again. I plan to blog more and utilize the social networks to help me through my writing process.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stage 1

"Time wasted is time spent dearly, and we are judged by its worth, and not simply by its volume."  

                                                                                                                                Vulkaan Colbert

With that being said I take my second step to enjoin my life with my goals.  A time to set a goal has arrived, and I am in need of a deadline to inspire.  #ROW80 is just what the doctor ordered.  Okay fellows!  Let's have at it!!!

Goals, goals, goals.

Trying to take this forward, I want to accomplish better character development, more social interaction between characters, and of course more dialogue.  So, my goal is to put down at least a weekly functional calendar that allows for me to place more emphasis on having a writing environment conducive with a goal of 20,000 words  in my 80 days.  Possible, right?  Yeah, I think so.  Time to think micro-blurbs!!  

"Look ma! I'm flyin'!!!!"

Okay, okay!  I'm sort of all hyped up because my significant other (Hey NeeNee) has perhaps given me one of my most positive opportunities to give form to my expression.  Stubborn man I am, it only took me a year to come around to her way of thinking.  Sigh!  I'm working on that.  I aspire to aspire, and that is who am.  My aspiration is to be a writer, and to inspire those who wish to do the same.  That is who I will be.